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  1. Captor Corporation Announces Release of MIL-COTS EMI Filter Line

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    Tipp City, OH. May 2020 – Captor Corporation is excited to announce the release of our MIL-COTS EMI Filter series. The new series is available in AC Single Phase (250VAC), Three Phase Delta (120/208VAC), Three Phase Delta (254/440VAC), Three Phase Wye (254/440VAC). The different voltage levels can be supplied for 50/60 Hz or 400 Hz applications. The filters feature low capacitance to ground to meet MIL-STD-461 Navy applications.

    Captor also offers the option of modifying the filters to meet your specific mechanical and power requirements. Our experienced Engineering and Manufacturing team will design the modified COTS at no extra cost to the customer and offer competitive delivery times.

    “We are extremely pleased with the initial interest from our customers concerning this product line. Not only are we selling them right out of the catalog, but we have already tailored many filters to fit the exact application,” says Scott Timms, President.