DC EMI Filters from Captor Corporation

DC EMI FilterMany electrical and electronic devices generate high-frequency electromagnetic noise, which can degrade the quality of transmissions. While this issue is common, it can have a variety of negative consequences in critical applications. That’s why many industry professionals incorporate electromagnetic interference (EMI) filters into their power and signal lines. These devices mitigate the effect of electromagnetic noise by canceling or grounding the line, ensuring uninterrupted, error-free operation in your electrical and electronic devices.

Looking for EMI filters you can trust in your most critical applications? Captor Corporation has got you covered. We provide a broad selection of standard and custom EMI filters suitable for use in a wide range of general and industry-specific applications. One of our core product offerings is DC EMI filters, which are regularly used by customers in the aerospace, defense, electronics, and commercial industries.

DC EMI Filter CAD Catalog

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DC EMI Filters

Standard DC EMI Filters From Captor Corporation

All of our standard DC EMI filters are built to meet visual and mechanical standards as per MIL-PRF-15733, paragraph 4.6.1. They are available with current ratings ranging from 1 A to 25 A and voltage ratings ranging from 0 to 400 VDC. Other key features include:

  • Insulation resistance: minimum of 1500 MΩ per MIL-STD-202, Method 302
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltate: 1000 VDC line-to-line and line-to-chassis per MIL-STD-202, Method 301
  • Voltage drop: Less than 1% of rated voltage per paragraph 4.6.8 of MIL-PRF-15733
  • Terminal strength: complies with MIL-STD-202, Method 211
  • Operating temperature range: -55º C to +71º C
  • Storage temperature range: -55º C to +105º C
  • Terminal threading: 10-32UNF-2A
  • Insert threading: 10-32UNF-2B
  • Chassis material: CRS
  • Chassis & terminal finish: Electro tin-lead

Check out our DC EMI filter catalog page for more information on these products.

Custom DC EMI Filters From Captor Corporation

We fully understand that an off-the-shelf solution may not be appropriate for every DC EMI filter application. That’s why our team offers customized solutions that are tailored to meet your exact specifications and, in some cases, exceed the cost-effectiveness of our competitors’ catalog items.

By choosing us for your custom DC EMI filter needs, you benefit from our:

  • Extensive experience. We’ve completed more than 10,000 designs to date, which proves our ability to deliver reliable filter solutions for various industries and applications.
  • Broad design capabilities. We can design EMI filters to meet a variety of requirements and restrictions, including RTCA/DO-160 and MIL-STD-461 regulations.
  • Vast support services. We provide support from project inception to completion, including filter circuit design and analysis, packaging design and layout, prototyping, and qualification, environmental, and acceptance testing.

Contact the Experts at Captor for Your DC EMI Filter Needs Today

If your electrical and electronic devices are experiencing issues due to electromagnetic interference, you should invest in EMI filters. Whether you need DC or AC EMI filters, Captor Corporation is here to help. We offer standard and custom product solutions so that we can accommodate the simplest to the most unique applications. To learn more about our EMI filter offerings, contact us or request a quote today.

EMI Filter Capabilities

Insertion Loss / Attenuation

0 to 100 dB

Voltage Rating

0 to 400 VDC
0 to 480 VAC
Higher Voltage rating available upon request


0 to 400 Amps
Higher Currents available upon request


DC to 400 Hz
Other frequencies available upon request

Typical Operating Temperature

-55 to +71 °C

Higher temperatures available upon request.

Typical Storage Temperature

-55 to +105 °C

Higher temperatures available upon request.



Chassis Material

CRS, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel


100% Test


Temperature Cycling
Temperature Shock

Quality Control

Test Plan
Test Report

Secondary Operations (In-House)

Quick Turn Prototypes

Production Volume

Prototype to Large Scale Production Runs

Typical Lead Times

1 week (Stock)
10 to 12 weeks (Custom)
1 to 3 weeks (Prototypes)

Additional Information

Industry Focus


Industry Standards

AS9100 Rev D
ISO 9001:2015
IPC 610
IPC 620

File Formats

PCAD (Circuit Boards)